Roddy Road at LA 621 Roundabout

Project # MA-19-02 | updated February 6, 2021

This project replaces a 4-way stop-controlled intersection at LA 621 and Roddy Road (LA 932) with a roundabout. Located near Central Middle School, this project will improve traffic flow through the intersection.

This project is tied to reviews and approvals by DOTD. The image below shows the location of this project.



Current Phase: Preliminary Design
Design Start Date: in progress
Construction Start Date: To be Determined


TaskRequired? spaceComplete
a. Land / Topo Surveyyes100%
b. Subsurface Utility Eng.yes100%
c. Geotechnical Testingyes0%
d. Preliminary Designyes25%
e. Right-of-Way Acquisitionyes0 of ?
f. Final Designyes0%
g. Utility Relocationsyes0 of ?
h. Constructionyes0%


Contractor: To be Determined
Design Consultant: ___________


Redesign Contract Amount: $____________
Construction Cost Estimate: To be Determined