Joe Sevario Road (Merritt Evans & Norwood Intersections)

Project # MA-17-04 | updated September 6, 2019

This project is part of the overall Roddy Road (932) corridor safety widening improvements. Joe Sevario Rd. is the extension of Roddy Road north of Germany Road up to SR 933.

Enhancements will occur in two places: at the intersections of Norwood Rd. and at the Merritt Evans / Devall Road intersection with 932. These are spot intersection safety improvements which will increase the turnout radii and the sight distances for oncoming traffic from a stop condition. The location of these project improvements are shown below.



Current Phase: Final Design
Design Start Date: October 2017, Rescoped spring 2018
Construction Start Date: To be Determined


Task Required? space Complete
a. Land / Topo Survey yes 100%
b. Subsurface Utility Eng. yes 100%
c. Geotechnical Testing yes 100%
d. Preliminary Design yes 100%
e. Right-of-Way Acquisition (@ Merritt Evans) yes 0 of 4
spacespaceRight-of-Way Acquisition (@ Norwood) yes 0 of 2
f. Final Design yes 100%
g. Utility Relocations yes 0 of 4
h. Construction yes 0%


Contractor: To be Determined
Design Consultant: SJB Group


Redesign Contract Amount: Merritt Evans Intersection $32,810
Redesign Contract Amount: Norwood Intersection $32,810
Construction Cost Estimate: To be Determined