Babin Rd. Bridge Replacement over Bayou Narcisse

Project # ENG-17-014 | updated June 15, 2021


Project name: Babin Rd bridge over Bayou Narcisse
Design firm: T. Baker Smith
Pct complete design: 100%
Row parcels needed: 5
Row parcels acquired: 5


Contractor name: Merrick, LLC
Contract duration: 90
Construction status: Completed


Design cost: Paid by DOTD (H.011540)
Row cost: $19,693.00
Enviro mitigation cost: $0
Construction cost estimate: PAID by DOTD
Construction bid: $750,602.40
Inspections cost: PAID by DOTD
Material testing cost: PAID by DOTD


Funding federal:
Funding state: $1,000,000
Funding local: $19,693.00
Funding traffic impact fees:

Babin Road west of Airline Highway crosses the railroad track and then Bayou Narcisse as it proceeds to K.C. Road. This project will replace the bridge over Bayou Narcisse.

The location of this improvement is shown below. This bridge replacement project was completed by Louisiana DOTD.