Safety is a key feature and priority of the Move Ascension program. This applies to pedestrians and bicyclists as well as passenger and commercial vehicles.


The project team continues to implement innovative methods on Move Ascension, streamlining tasks and working multiple phases concurrently while taking an aggressive approach to schedule management.

Congestion Relief

Move Ascension aims to relieve vehicular congestion at choke points by adding through-lanes, turn-lanes, installing roundabouts, and synchronizing signals on key thoroughfares. See map below…

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Interactive Project Map

Project News

You’ll find Move Ascension program and project-specific news here.

Land Clearing Work

on February 2, 2021

Progress is visible around Ascension Parish as construction crews make way for roadway improvements. Here are several projects where “Clearing & Grubbing” work is occuring at this time.

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Ashland - St Landry Connector

on December 22, 2020

The Ashland - St Landry Connector is a brand new road designed and constructed as part of the Move Ascension program. The half-mile road connects South St. Landry Ave. to Ashland Road just above Lamar Dixon Expo Center. Click below to watch this short video featuring drone footage of the project.

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on October 2, 2019

Roundabouts have been gaining popularity in Louisiana over the past fifteen years. Statewide, 52 had been constructed on state or local routes as of February 2019, with 116 more proposed! Roundabouts are also called “continuous flow” intersections because they eliminate the traffic light and allow vehicles to continue moving, slowly and carefully, through the intersection. Safety is greatly improved as officials have documented large reductions in crash-related injuries or fatalities.

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Project Funding

on October 1, 2019

Move Ascension projects are partially paid for by a portion of sales tax and from $25 million in municipal bond sales, in addition to State funding through DOTD. Move Ascension is designed to work in collaboration with state highway improvements to provide capacity upgrades for parish corridors that see high usage.

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