LA 930 Widening (LA 42 to PR 929/Causey Rd)

Project # MA-18-12 | updated September 6, 2019

This project will widen a 2 mile segment of Hwy 930 (Daigle Road) from Hwy. 42 to SR 929 (Causey Rd.)

This project is being tracked but not funded through Move Ascension. The project location is shown in the image below.



Current Phase: Construction
Design Start Date: June 2018
Construction Start Date: December 2018


Task Required? space Complete
a. Land / Topo Survey yes 100%
b. Subsurface Utility Eng. yes 100%
c. Geotechnical Testing yes 100%
d. Preliminary Design yes 100%
e. Right-of-Way Acquisition yes 81 of 81
f. Final Design yes 95%
g. Utility Relocations yes 0 of 9
h. Construction yes 0%


Contractor: To be Determined
Design Consultant: T Baker Smith


Redesign Contract Amount: $164,545 (Not funded through Move Ascension)
Construction Cost Estimate: To be Determined