Roddy Rd Safety Widening (LA 935 to LA 621)

Project # MA-17-01 | updated June 15, 2021


Project name: Roddy Road (LA935-LA621)
Design firm: T. Baker Smith
Pct complete design: 98%
Row parcels needed: 67
Row parcels acquired: 67


Contractor name: $464,983.00
Contract duration:
Construction status: Design Complete - Awating Construction


Design cost: $606,555.00
Row cost: $723,195.00
Enviro mitigation cost: $21,600
Construction cost estimate: $4,532,425.10
Construction bid:
Inspections cost:
Material testing cost:


Funding federal:
Funding state:
Funding local: $5,783,775.10
Funding traffic impact fees: $100,000

This 1-1/2 mile segment of the Roddy Road corridor from LA 935 (Churchpoint Rd.) to LA 621 (Cante Rd.) is to be widened to improve safety. The project includes a new bridge over Black Bayou.

UPDATE: Intersection improvements at LA 934 and LA 621 have been removed from the scope of this project, as signalization of those intersections are not warranted as per DOTD. A roundabout at LA 621 is slated for design during the first quarter of 2020.