Roddy Rd Safety Widening (US 61 to LA 935)

Project # MA-17-02 | updated June 15, 2021


Project name: Roddy Road (US 61-LA935)
Design firm: Shread-Kurykendall
Pct complete design: 98%
Row parcels needed: 52
Row parcels acquired: 52


Contractor name:
Contract duration:
Construction status: Design Complete - Awating Construction


Design cost: $990,348.40
Row cost: $869,733.00
Enviro mitigation cost: $21,600
Construction cost estimate: $5,395,478.75
Construction bid:
Inspections cost:
Material testing cost:


Funding federal:
Funding state:
Funding local: $7,177,160.15
Funding traffic impact fees: $100,000

This 1.3 mile section of Roddy Rd. from US 61 (Airline Hwy.) to LA 935 will be widened to improve safety. The project includes new bridges over the New River Canal and Bayou Narcisse and intersection improvements.

These intersection improvements include Left turn lanes at LA 429 east, west, and northbound; and Right turn lanes at LA 429 on north and southbound approaches. Intersection improvements at LA 935 have been removed from the scope of the project as they are not warranted at this time, per DOTD.