Project Funding

October 1, 2019

Move Ascension projects are partially paid for by a portion of sales tax and from $25 million in municipal bond sales, in addition to State funding through DOTD. Move Ascension is designed to work in collaboration with state highway improvements to provide capacity upgrades for parish corridors that see high usage.

Sales Tax Funds

Transportation improvement projects, including the Move Ascension Initiative, are funded by two-thirds (2/3) of a 1/2% sales tax from Sales and Use District #2, which yields between $6-7 million per year. These local tax dollars are also used for “match” contributions on state and federal projects within Ascension Parish.

Municipal Bonds

In an effort to expedite the design and construction of numerous new transportation improvement projects that have been identified by the Ascension Parish Transportation Department, the Parish Administration brought a $25 million dollar bond sale alternative to the Parish Council for approval. The proceeds from the bond sale have allowed the Move Ascension transportation Initiative to quickly issue task orders to engineering consultants for the design of these projects. In addition, several intersection traffic analyses have been completed, as well as the upgraded Signal Timing and Synchronization of all traffic signals along the Airline Hwy. (US 61) corridor from Perkins Road to LA 30. This signalization effort has been completed along US 61 throughout Ascension Parish.

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