The Move Ascension Initiative is a multi-million dollar transportation infrastructure improvement program developed to  safely move traffic within Ascension Parish. The $35 million initiative is being funded by local parish tax dollars from the reserve fund as well as the proceeds from a newly authorized bond issue. As additional funds become available, the program budget may increase to pay for additional projects in the Phase 2 project list.

During the Master Transportation Planning Development phase, a list of Quick Start projects was identified and further separated into two phases. The Phase 1 Quick Start Projects, dubbed the Immediate Action Projects (IAP), were identified and further prioritized with the help of Ascension Parish’s Program Management Consultant. On August 17th, 2017 Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa requested Parish Council approval to move forward with all pre-construction activities associated with Quick Start – Immediate Action Projects.

On September 7, 2017, the first design task order was issued to begin work on the first of the Immediate Action Projects with a pre-construction deadline of December 2018.

It is the goal of this administration to start construction activities on the IAPs by the first quarter of 2019.