LA 73 at Bluff Rd. Connector Roundabout

Project # MA-21-02 | updated February 7, 2021

This project proposes a roundabout on LA 73 south of the I-10 interchange at the future junction of a connector road west to Bluff Rd.

In combination with the proposed connector road (project MA-20-01), his roundabout project will improve traffic flow through along Hwy. 73. This project is tied to reviews and approvals by DOTD. The image below shows a diagrammatic layout of this project.



Current Phase: Preliminary Design

Construction Start Date: To be Determined


Task Required? space Complete
a. Land / Topo Survey yes 100%
b. Subsurface Utility Eng. yes 100%
c. Geotechnical Testing yes 0%
d. Preliminary Design yes 25%
e. Right-of-Way Acquisition yes 0 of ?
f. Final Design yes 0%
g. Utility Relocations yes 0 of ?
h. Construction yes 0%


Contractor: To be Determined
Design Consultant: __________


Construction Cost Estimate: To be Determined