MA-17-01 – Roddy Rd. Safety Widening (LA 935-LA 621)

Project Overview:

Part 2 of the Roddy Road Corridor Project, this segment is to be widened for safety from LA 935 to LA 621 with a new bridge over Black Bayou. Intersection improvements include:
The addition of Left turn lanes at Roddy/LA 934 on Eastbound, Northbound and Southbound approaches.
The addition of Left turn lanes at Roddy/LA 621 on all four approaches.
The addition of Right turn lanes at Roddy/LA 621 on the Southbound approach.

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Project Status
Survey 100%
Utility Investigation 100%
Geotechnical 100%
Preliminary Design 100%
ROW Acquisition 40%
Final Design 98%
Construction 0%


Project Schedule

Current Phase: Pre-Construction
Start Date: 9/7/2017
End Date: 9/7/2018
Duration: 365
Project Look Ahead:

Construction Timetable

Construction Start Date: TBD
Construction End Date: TBD
Construction Duration: TBD

*Construction Schedules will not be available until after the project is designed, bid and awarded.

Project Team

Design Consultant:  T. Baker Smith

Budget and Expenditures

Design Contract Amount: $601,855.00
Construction Cost Estimate: TBD
Construction Contract Amount: TBD


Project No: MA-17-01
Project Length: 1.50 Miles


Project Photos:


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