MA-17-08 – Airline Hwy Signal Sync

Project Overview:

This task order is a planning effort in order to faciliate better traffic flow along one of Ascension Parish’s major corridor. This effort, once complete, can be immediately implemented by the LA DOTD for better traffic flow.

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Project Status
Survey N/A
Utility Investigation N/A
Geotechnical N/A
Preliminary Design 100%
ROW Acquisition N/A
Final Design 100%
Construction N/A


Project Schedule

Current Phase: Underway : Study 
Start Date: 10/17/2017
End Date: 4/10/2018

Construction Timetable

Construction Start Date: TBD
Construction End Date: TBD
Construction Duration: TBD

*Construction Schedules will not be available until after the project is designed, bid and awarded.

Project Team

Contractor: DOTD
Design Consultant: Neel Schaffer

Budget and Expenditures

Design Contract Amount:  $64,652
Construction Cost Estimate: TBD
Construction Contract Amount: TBD


Project Number:  MA-17-08

Task Number: 8

Project Length:  10.5 Miles

Project Photos:


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